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Oil & gas driller (#132.013.063) 

Lieu: Monde entier (CV #132.013.063)

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Dear sir :
Principal driller, 19 years of experience: two years as a trainee in Alfor drilling school, three years as an assistant driller (Alfor company) and fourteen years as a driller (E.NA.FOR company) including rig moving and all operations on drilling: directional drilling, m.p.d, under balanced,coring fishing, jarring,milling...
All diameters from 36'' to 3 1/8''. Depth from surface to 5000 meters onshore and operations that follow them.Running casing,cementing,scraping,running liner,running production column... in different regions including areas of loss, loss and kick .
Nippling up/down B.O.P's,test and repair it,test chock manifold, casing, casind heads, christmas tree,bottom hole and all surface equipements .
Qualified in canrig top drive,rig sense, rig up/tear down,rig moving...
Take a daily safety meeting before starting and pre job safety for each non-routine work. Firefighting team member,entire my career.
Learn very easily, no problem when changing platform or domain of function.
Maintain IADC daily drilling report and any other records as directed by the Toolpusher...
Note : entire career without accident nor incident, me and the team.
No chronic diseases, in good physical condition to work as an oil driller, t.pusher...

Operator company

- 2006-2009 Repsol
- 2009-2012 Schlumberger
- 2012-2013 Sonatrach

Best regards
Mhamed Abidi

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M'hamed Abidi
65 Années

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Monde entier

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Standard X

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18 Années
Connaissances linguistiques
Anglais  (Intermédiaire)

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